i'm halima. 21 year old business student from Atlanta. obsessed with clouds, fashion, and bubble tea. my life goals are to learn how to ride a motorcycle and find a book series i like more than harry potter (the latter will never happen). and if you're tall with facial hair lets be friends

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reflecting (at Coral Bay)
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from the #Walima last night :) @naila_amer #ReshmaAndBilal
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that skirt. I WANT

Gaaahh want
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Trinity College Library (1 of 2) by Brett Jordan on Flickr.
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. And so I will never forgive myself for NEVER visiting here. So jealous of my friends who are studying there rn wow
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sighhh i will never not want these. esp the flats ads;kfja;dlsfja
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Milan (by Nicoletta Reggio)
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omg sooo pretty.
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Lindsey Wixson, Saint Laurent S/S 2013, Paris Fashion Week


i think of tiger’s jaw with this

ugh I wish I was artsy enough to do this
can we hang out and get matching henna tattoos kthanxbye